About Me

Hi! We are really glad to see you here. So, let’s make friends! My name is Frank J. Henley, and I am 22 years old, I live in the US and study game design. It is my hobby, my job, and my passion. Since my childhood, I have always been asked ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ (I guess you know what I mean, haha). And the answer was: ‘I want to create new worlds”. My relatives often started to laugh, but the time has passed, and here I am, a young game designer, who creates new worlds and shares it with soulmates like you. 
Human: Fall Flat is a great example of a quirky open-ended physics-based puzzle game. If you like hard scientific games to train the brain, Human: Fall Flat won’t leave you indifferent from the first challenge. Why? Because you will need to engage all your gumption, creativity and intelligence. I often lose the sense of time trying to solve another task. The developers have been able to create a great combination of puzzles with comedic animations. This is why I really like the gameplay. 

Several years ago I met Paul L. Guerra. He is from Portugal and studies with me at the same college. So, we’ve spent together thousands of nights and days playing this really unusual and exciting game and decided that more people should discover Human: Fall Flat. We started to devote the game fans from different parts of our planet. 
And as you are on this page, we suppose that you are passionate about the game challenges as much as we are. Paul and I are so happy that you play Human: Fall Flat and like it! Remember, that we are open to new suggestions, proposals, and simply for talking! Feel brave to contact us with any issue you have. 



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