Human: Fall Flat Custom Skins


Do you know that you are a lucky person? Why? Because you play Human: Fall Flat, and it brings a number of positive effects. Firstly, you develop patience. Secondly, you can quickly assess the situation and calculate the best tactic. Thirdly, your strong memory becomes more responsive from all the retries. And finally, your creativity gets a good boost. Wondering how? Remember that in the beginning, your character is just a low-poly doughy dummy, but you can turn it into whatever you like. And our MS Paint-style editor virtually sets no limits for your imagination. 

But the problem is that not everyone can use it correctly and knows about all the features. To test your knowledge, just answer these simple questions. Ready? Let’s start:

  • Have you been noticing surprising wobbliness in your body lately?
  • Have you been having urges to grab a rusty hook and do some zip-lining across the town like Ezio Auditore?
  • Or maybe windmills give you a strange idea of grabbing onto one of their whips?

And now the results. If your answer is yes or at least "I guess so...", then it's obvious: you need proper treatment of Human: Fall Flat. In moderate doses. We know that sometimes you struggle. And of course, it takes an awful lot of time to design something truly unique. Something truly outstanding. Something that will let you stay individual and recognizable among other HFF players. But do not give up, because we are always here to help you. 

Design a custom skin

Our team specializes in designing custom skins. It can be a recreation of Mario, Rorschach from Watchmen, Donald Trump or any other media character. Moreover, it can be an original design of yours. So, inspired by your visions and desires, we can do it all together! 
But it’s not a free option. The prices are starting at only $3.99 for one character. And we will make your vision a reality with a unique, handmade skin for Human: Fall Flat. Ready to get a special game character? Here’s what you need to do: 
Share your idea (or our team can help you make your choice).
Write to us using the form below.
Wait some time and we will contact you. 

With the custom and unique character, it is much easier to enjoy this quirky and a little bit maddening game. Stay original and surprise your online friends with an exclusive new look!

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