How to download Human Fall Flat on Switch

Nintendo Switch is probably the most specific of today’s mainstream consoles. Human: Fall Flat for Nintendo Switch is available as well as for other consoles, and can be easily downloaded.

To download Human: Fall Flat on Switch, you need the following:

·         The console itself

·         Nintendo account for use in USA or Canada

·         Access to Nintendo eShop

To download the game, you need to purchase it first. It can be done on your computer. Making a purchase requires authentication. After the purchase, the game will be available for download right on your console. To access it:

1.       Make sure your Nintendo Switch is turned on and connected to the Internet

2.       Make sure it has at least 1.6 GB of free space

3.       Enter the HOME menu

4.       Find Human: Fall Flat icon in the menu

5.       Select it to download

You can as well purchase the game right from the console, using Nintendo Switch eShop.

1.       Enter “Human: Fall Flat” in the search field

2.       When the title is displayed, select it

3.       Enter “Proceed to Purchase”

4.       Make your payment with PayPal, Nintendo eShop Card or your credit card

5.       Download the game after the payment

If you delete the game from your console, it will remain available for redownloading.

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